Still Swimming Upstream!

January 10th, 2016 -- by Denise Henrikson

(This blog entry is cross-posted from our most recent Indiegogo update.)

The members of the Salmon is Life team have all returned to our homes around the Puget Sound and our work continues to unfold.

Last week, we posted the first of a series of videos from our journey to Paris. This video is of a wisdom teaching that Paul Cheoketen Wagner shared on the grounds of the Eiffel Tower. View the video, created by Jeff Dunnicliff, on our Facebook page.

Also last week, we sent four Salmon windSockeye to Clayoquot Action in Canada. They will take some of the Salmon with them when their delegation travels to Norway later this month to put pressure on the Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq.

Cermaq’s farming operations are having a disastrous impact on the wild Pacific salmon population in Clayoquot Sound. Their trip will link indigenous people from Canada and Norway, and environmental advocates from both countries. Learn more about this delegation by visiting their Indiegogo campaign.

We also made prayer flags this past week when Lisa and Denise made a presentation and hosted an art party for the Seattle Homeschool Teen Group. Some of the prayer flags we made together will be sent to the community we met our last day in Paris.

Coming up, members of the Salmon is Life team will be participating in 350 Seattle’s Race and Climate Justice Gathering on Friday, January 22nd from 6-9 pm at King Street Center, 201 S Jackson St. If you are in Seattle, please join us!

In addition, we are looking for a venue to host a night of Salmon is Life - stories, music, slides, and art. Paul calls them “spawnings” because our intent is to “spawn” heart-centered actions that speak for the Salmon People and care for the Circle of Life. We will let you know as soon as a venue and a date have been confirmed, likely in mid-February.

And, finally (!!!), we just finished carving the last block so we are printing the last design of prayer flags (Salmon, of course!) and have begun sewing strings of prayers together. We will get them in the mail to our Indiegogo contributors, along with all the other “perks!” starting next week. We appreciate their support - and their patience!


PS: If you are an Indiegogo supporter who plans to attend one of the events above, please let us know and we will bring your “perks" to you in person!


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