D12: Quick Update From Seattle

December 12th, 2015 -- by Jen Bay
Photo via our Twitter feed

I've loved watching the team's journey unfold in Paris while working on the website here in Seattle and am thrilled to see photographs from today showing up on the web.

See some of today's amazing action in Paris on our other sites, especially Twitter and Facebook. There's also our Instagram, team member Debra's Instagram, and our Flickr feed and group pool. Website updates to follow.

Also see our salmon here and here thanks to a group of photographers called Paris Climate.







Towards the Final Stretch + We're in the Bainbridge Review!

December 11th, 2015 -- by Debra D'Angelo, with notes by Jen Bay

In case you missed it, team member Debra D'Angelo has been posting great images on her own Instagram. See how the journey has unfolded through her eyes at www.instagram.com/divineadventure.

And we're thrilled to make the front page of the Friday print edition of Debra's local newspaper the Bainbridge Review! We'll post a link to the article when it is posted online.

Here's Debra's personal thoughts to all of us as the team heads toward their final stretch in Paris.

All of these incredible experiences in Paris will soon emerge into the full expression of Salmon is Life. You really should be on the edge of your seat. It will surpass all but our imagination.

We are exhausted; Pushing every energetic surge into creative flame demands a constant source of offering. Paris as a backdrop lends to a 'City of Light' essence that romances you and yet at the same time it is very stimulating and intense to navigate.

In response to this overwhelm we continually draw ourselves back to balance and re-state our intention, keeping our eye on the mission and wisdom of the Salmon & her people. It is a practice of ceremony and prayer we would not have understood if not for Lummi elder and roomie, Cathy Ballew who continually guided.

We now have a clear plan for our 12/12 event that will illuminate our message through the visual image of a thriving Salmon school raised into the morning sky as the lull & prayerful song of the traditional Native Flute flows. We will sway & dance & connect to the message the Salmon bring, "When one species thrives, we all thrive".

Thank you all for the 'likes' and following the Salmon is Life Journey.


Donate to Salmon is Life!

December 11th, 2015 -- by Jen Bay

Donate to our International Salmon Delegation for the Climate and help us in our final days in Paris.

The Saanich translation for Salmon is "the hard working people" and our Salmon is Life team members are working long days in Paris to keep up with performance, social media, videography, and logistics.

We felt so blessed to reach our initial fundraising goals through our Indiegogo campaign and have put the money to good use.

We have been frugal, but our original budget included support for just three people. Thankfully, we were optimistic and added social media and videography support.

But now, with three days to go, we have cut it beyond close for our team of six.

Please consider supporting us through our Indiegogo campaign. Help us keep swimming through Paris - the perks are great!

Learn more and chip in by visiting our International Salmon Delegation for the Climate campaign on Indiegogo.

A thousand salmon thanks!

Salmon is Life is a project of 350 Seattle and donations are tax-deductible.


IllumiNATURE: Dawn Dance of the Salmon

December 11th, 2015 -- By Christine Castigliano

Nature's sustainable ways lights our path to Climate Justice.

Join us in an intentional moment of beauty as we raise 350 illuminated Salmon Windsocks into the morning sky. Nature's beauty awakens our hearts to action. When Salmon thrive, life systems thrive.

WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 12
TIMES: Dawn Dance: 7:45 am + Daylight Dance: 10 am
WHERE: the Louvre (Place Carre, the smaller inner courtyard, accessible from the public street). Metro stops: Palais Royal/Musee du Louvre (line 1, Yellow and line 7, Pink)

We will meet at the courtyard of the Louve, join in circle, then flow with the salmon to traditional Native American flute. We will dance together twice: at 7:45am, when the Salmon are illuminated in the dark before dawn, and at daylight, at 10am, when more people can gather. Our wish is to get all 350 Salmon flying together.

We are a group of artists and activists from the Pacific Northwest of North America. We have brought our Salmon windsocks, made by hundreds of community members, to COP21 in Paris to illuminate issues related to Indigenous tradition, knowledge, and teachings regarding natural systems. Please join us!


Paris Diaries #6: Learning to Flow

December 9th, 2015 (posted 12.11.15) -- by Denise Henrikson
Photo by Christine Castigliano

Around 9pm last night we got an invitation to bring the salmon to a Living Food Picnic and Tree of Life Ceremony at St Michel Fountain at Notre Dame. Then, at about 9am this morning, we learned that somehow, the location had been miscommunicated to us (or by us). The announced location was only four blocks from the actual location, so we met at the original location and "swam" the salmon to the ceremony just before it began. It turned out to be just right.

Jeff Dunnicliff, our team videographer, created the wonderful video above of the salmon dancing at that event. Our new choreographer friend, Jeanne Bloch joined us. See photos from the event on Facebook by Christine Castigliano. (We'll add the photographs to our Flickr stream when we have a chance to come up for air!)

In the afternoon, Paul Cheoketen was invited to join a panel and speak before a COP21 Galerie plenary session, with several Pacific Northwest tribal leaders, including Freddy Lane from the Lummi Tribe; Seattle activist, Sarra Tekola and Jill Stein, former Green Party presidential candidate.

See photos from this event on Facebook by Christine Castigliano. (We'll also add these photographs to our Flickr stream soon!)

Later in the day, Debra, Lisa, Christine, and I started planning our "grand finale" salmon performance. Our goal is to get all of the 350 salmon up and flying all at once.

We formed a talking circle and the first time around the circle we expressed our gratitudes. Then, we shared our dreams - actual dreams that we'd had that might have relevance (We've discovered that similar symbols are coming in our dreams, so we are paying more attention to them and sharing them with each other). For next rotation, we talked about the pros/cons of dates, times and locations. Then, we sat quietly for 10 minutes. Then we went around the circle again, with each of us stating our vision. Then, we hashed out some of the details that came up during our visioning circle. Then, we took another turn around the circle with visioning and discovered we'd come to a shared vision. Tomorrow, we take the salmon out for a swim while we scout locations and recruit people to join us.

It was nearly 11pm when we went out to meet up with our friends to have a drink and celebrate the birthday of our friend, Cathy Ballew. Cathy will be flying back to Bellingham tomorrow and we will miss her laughter and her wisdom, but the salmon will swim on.

(These diaries are also being posted by Yes! Magazine under the #ParisDiaries hashtag.)


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