Donate to Salmon is Life!

Donate to our International Salmon Delegation for the Climate and help us in our final days in Paris.

The Saanich translation for Salmon is "the hard working people" and our Salmon is Life team members are working long days in Paris to keep up with performance, social media, videography, and logistics.

We felt so blessed to reach our initial fundraising goals through our Indiegogo campaign and have put the money to good use.

We have been frugal, but our original budget included support for just three people. Thankfully, we were optimistic and added social media and videography support.

But now, with three days to go, we have cut it beyond close for our team of six.

Please consider supporting us through our Indiegogo campaign. Help us keep swimming through Paris - the perks are great!

Learn more and chip in by visiting our International Salmon Delegation for the Climate campaign on Indiegogo.

A thousand salmon thanks!

Salmon is Life is a project of 350 Seattle and donations are tax-deductible.